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Discovery tour of the village

Follow this circuit and discover Conchez-de-Béarn, well known for its beautiful XVIIth and XVIIIth c. houses built by noblemen and upper middle class (bourgeois) families. The walk will unveil the history of the town, its houses and their architecture, ending with the church of Saint Germain, dated 1770.

Self-guided;  accessible to all; open all year round. Free.

Ask for a detailed brochure of the circuit.


Association Bourg et Fontaines


Phone: +33 (0)5 59 04 06 79



Brochure of the discovery tour of the village of Conchez-de-Béarn (french)
Brochure visite Conchez-de-Béarn.pdf
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Bastide circuit

This 2-km walking tour will immerse you in the old historic centre of the bastide of Garlin, which was founded in 1303 by Marguerite de Béarn. Historic Garlin will reveal itself as you walk along Victor Lefranc St., view the Château Hiton, the municipal park and its remnants, the Capuchin convent, the ancient town walls along the Boulevard des Remparts, the early church foundations, and the granary at Place de la Liberté, and Saint Jean-Baptiste church.

Ask for the detailed brochure.

Town hall of Garlin

3 place de la Résistance

Phone: +33 (0)5 59 04 70 09


Website :

Brochure of the bastide circuit of Garlin (french)
brochure circuit découverte Garlin web.p
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Bastide circuit

This walking tour takes you through the historic centre of the village of Lembeye. The old town was proclaimed a “bastide” towards the end of the 13th c. and then fortified in the 14th c. Discover the 18th c. houses on Place Marcadieu, the clock tower, the Chemin des Hautes Promenades and its view on the Pyrenean mountain range, the gothic style church and its flamboyant gothic portal.

Ask for the detailed brochure.

Tourist office of Lembeye - Garlin

Place Marcadieu

Phone: +33 (0)5 59 68 28 78


Brochure of the bastide circuit of Lembeye (french)
brochure circuit bastide lembeye vic-bil
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The village of the fountains

Moncaup has an exceptional hydraulic heritage. Take a hike along the 4 walking trails and discover 8 fountains, pools, washhouses and troughs. You will pass through vineyards and woods, and enjoy the magnificent views. Discover the church decorated by a beautiful collection of 7 glass-stained windows signed by René-Marie Castaing.

Ask for the detailed brochure.

Tourist office of Lembeye - Garlin

Place Marcadieu

Phone: +33 (0)5 59 68 28 78


Brochure of the village of the fontains of Moncaup (french)
brochure Moncaup village des fontaines C
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Old tram line

From 1904 to 1931, a "Pau-Oloron-Mauléon" steam railway, also known as the "tram line", linked Pau to Lembeye and Pau to Aire-sur-l'Adour via Garlin. A marshalling yard in Saint-Laurent de Bretagne distributed the convoys on these 2 lines.

This tram included a locomotive, passenger and freight cars. Following the appearance of cars, trucks and buses from 1928/1929, the lines were abolished. The last tram passed on 31 December 1931.


Discover the route, the old stops and stations and the stone remains, testifying to this passage!

Line Pau - Garlin

Stop & Station

Garlin station vic-bilh madiran


Garlin Station


Building built by the Pau-Oloron-Mauléon Railway Company. It was the starting and arrival point of the trams serving between Pau and Aire-sur-Adour. Today the station, which is privately owned, has been converted into housing.

14 chemin de la Gare

Halt of Boueilho vic-bilh madiran


Halt of Boueilho


Today located in the commune of Ribarrouy.


Route de Sévignacq

Stone remains

Halt of Boueilho vic-bilh madiran


Garlin viaduct


It allows the passage of the old railway line over the Téoulère (1906).


Chemin de Sartoulet

Line Pau - Lembeye

Stop & Station

Lembeye station vic-bilh madiran


Lembeye Station

3 rue de la Gare 

Monassut-Audiracq station vic-bilh madiran


Monassut-Audiracq Station

22 avenue du Vic-Bilh

Simacourbe station vic-bilh madiran


Simacourbe Station


Monassut-Audiracq station vic-bilh madiran


Stop of Juillacq or Maspie

D943, 4350 Maspie-Lalonquère-Juillacq 

Stone remain

Lembeye: a marked hiking trail allows you to discover the old railway line and several engineering structures (bridges, waterfalls, stone embankments...). Tour brochure available from the tourist office of Lembeye-Garlin.

Hiking sheet of the old railway line - Lembeye (french)
15 Fiche Rando circuit 15 chemin de la l
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Winter transhumance route

This route links the summer pastures in the Estaing mountains (Hautes-Pyrénées) to Aillas (Gironde), the herd's wintering grounds, crossing the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the Gers, the Landes and the Lot-et-Garonne.

In mid-September, the Vic-Bilh welcomes 2 stops in Taron and Portet. This 240 km long road is made up of 2 shepherds with 600 sheep and a team of volunteers.

This route is accessible all year round on foot and reveals a variety of landscapes, villages, heritage...


For more information, contact the Transhumance Road Association:

14 bis Lotissement Caillou 32240 TOUJOUSE

Phone: +33 (0)5 62 09 14 7

@ - Website: